Volume 3, Issue 6. April, 2013

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Right from the desk of the Head Teacher


By Teacher S.Ahmed.

FieldTrip to School for Children with Needs.

As a teacher I believe that we (teachers) have an important ethical and moral duty towards our children besides academics and I always try to add morals into my classroom teachings.

During our visit to the special school blind section, I placed a question to my (MAO) students; “If Allah SubhanWaTalah give sight to these children for 1 hour then how would they’ll use it?”

While they were thinking I offered them a few tips; “probably, the first thing they would like to see are their beloved parents and siblings so that they could remember them and then Quraan Al-Kareem and Kaaba.” In short they will make the best use of their time.

Then I hit them with another question that “Are you making the best use of the gifts (eyes and senses) given to you by Allah or are you just taking them for granted?” it was a time of reflection. 

Check out our heart touching field trip video on our school website at: www.maoschool.com/video.html 

We appreciate and wish all the best to special school staff who works really hard and take care of the school and children. We know it needs lots of patience, dedication and care once dealing with special children.

We would also like to extend our best wishes to Mr.Abdulla Abdo Saeed - HSA Hayel Saeed Anam Group for their generous funding and support. Allah Bless You for all the good that you are doing - InshAllah. 

Special School Web: www.sntaiz.org   

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,

We are approaching towards our IGCSE exams and I would suggest all the students to study hard.

“You have to Study and Succeed”

Two main events took place this month.

Fun Fair of 2013. Congratulations on conducting a successful show. All of have enjoyed it and had a good time. A big hand Khaled Waleed and his team of students.

Field Trip of 10th grade to School for Children with Special Needs. Children participated in the trip were really moved to see the meet the children and the effort that they made to study. I heard that our students  (Jawad and Noorhan) are raising money to buy I.T equipment for Special School. Keep up the good work.

Abdulla Ahmed

Head Teacher





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