Volume 3, Issue 3: Dec 29, 2012


Right from the desk of the Head Teacher

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,


Volume 5, Book 58, Number 126:

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Ansar said (to the Prophet ), "Please divide the date-palm trees between us and them (i.e. emigrants)." The Prophet said, "No." The Ansar said, "Let them (i.e. the emigrants) do the labor for us in the gardens and share the date-fruits with us." The emigrants said, "We accepted this."

1st Semester exams are at the door step. This is crucial study time.

“You have to Study and Succeed”

 This year some of our old staff members Waseem and Yvonne returned to school, so no formal intro is required. We also have a new member Gabriel Craven from the UK and I would like to request all staff to extend their fullest support and help.

Sultana has been replaced by Nisar and I am hoping that it will only get better. This is a more stable year and, it is good to see everyone  doing a wonderful job. Last year was the toughest that I could ever remember during my time in Taiz.

Due to protests and political and economic turmoil, many heads of International schools like SBS (Sanaa British School) and SIS (Sanaa Int’l School) left their posts which led to downfall of their schools.

Many students had to miss their exams, and many schools went bankrupt and were being forced to close down.



Security was a massive issue too as no parent wanted to send a child to school during riots. But I am proud to say that we stood firm throughout this difficult time. Our teachers including most of our expat staff stayed. Our students were coming for exams even during protests and did really well in their IGCSE and AS Exams. I am also proud of our parents who supported me by sending their children to the school in that difficult time. I would also like to thank our board members for trusting my judgment and standing beside me. 

Graduation Day: I would like to congratulate our graduates of Year 2011-2012.

I hope you will do well in your higher studies. All the best to your future endeavors. See pictures on right side bar.


YGT’s are doing considerable job with discipline. Could I suggest (strongly) all teachers to follow behavior/discipline flow chart. Filling in IRF form on paper or online is the first and most vital step.






We have a new member joining YGT team Mohd.Waseem Year 11 YGT. He is an experienced and talented teacher. I am confident that he will perform an exceptional role as Year 11 YGT which is both challenging and demanding. (He is a model teacher).

Thumps up for Waseem & other YGTs...


Abdulla Ahmed



Dates to Remember

1st Semester Exam of Secondary 29 Dec-12

Winter Holiday from

10 to 25 Jan-12

Socotra Fieldtrip -

see Maram 10W1

KG fieldtrip to Dreamland on

29 Dec-12

Mother’s Day

in KG. 7th Mar-12


School Calendar

2012-2013 available www.maoschool.com


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Comments Please

Interviewed:Teacher Gabe Craven.    Interviewers: Maram.M.Noman & Hiba Nashwan for Newsletter

Q1. What is your full name? ANS.My name Gabriel Craven or Jebril in Arabic

Q2. Where are you from? I’m from the UK, from a city called Bristol, which is in the South west of England. It’s very famous because of Bristol City football club who are the second best football team in the world.

Q3. How long have you been teaching?  ANS. I come from a family of teachers, who have been a teaching for more years then I can possibly remember.

Q4. How do you find MAO school/students? ANS.MAO students are incredibly well behaved and respectful. MAO students never misbehave and always do their work on time. It’s amazing! We are lucky in that the school is also blessed with a beautiful view of Saber mountain.

Q5. What you like about Yemen? ANS.My favourite thing about Yemen is the cuisine (food), because there are so many tasty dishes! My favourites include Salta, Fahsa, Fasolia and fresh Khobs. I expect I’m going to put on a lot of weight.

Q6. What is your favourite subject? ANS.My favourite subject is history probably because I have a brilliant and enthusiastic teacher. I also studied music and literature.

Q7. Favourite country? ANS.My favourite country would have to be India, because it has everything including stunning mountains, tropical beaches, remote deserts and jungle. A little something for everyone you might say…

Q8. If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be? ANS.Hmmm, interesting question. I guess I might be a photographer, because I love taking pictures.

Q9. What sport you like? ANS.I’m obsessed with football, especially the best team currently in Premier and Champions league: Chelsea.  All the other teams especially Manchester United, City and Arsenal don’t even come close except for Bristol City, who are a close second.

Student Comments: “He is versatile and approachable.” (Ayah 10W1), “I like teacher Gabe. He is nice.” (Bahga 10W1)

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