Volume 3, Issue 2: Feb 1st, 2012

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Right from the desk of the Head Teacher


School Calendar 2012-2013 will be available online on our school website by end of Feb-2012. 

 News from ICT Dept. We are arranging ourselves for 1st ICT Annual Exhibition. Year 8Red is actively taking part in designing and developing, pencil sketching, animation, graphic designing together with website building.  ICT slogan says “It takes Team Work to make Dream Work”.


Head of ICT


Kindergarten: We are preparing for a color event at KG on 1st of March - Parents and Students combined activity day.

Could I inform KG that they also need to submit Schemes of Work to ICT Dept.

Keep up the good work.

Fawzia A.Samad -

Head of KG


Primary Dept.: We had an excellent term. Primary school results are looking good too. I thank everybody for their hard work.

Please hand over schemes of work to ICT Dept. Could I also remind everyone in Primary to prepare for Parents-Teachers evening. Thanks- Haifa, Head of Primary.

Secondary Dept.: I welcome new staff to secondary section. Please let me know if you need my assistance at any time. I am here to help. A reminder on Schemes of Work—Please hand them (soft copy) over to me or directly to ICT Dept. It has to go online. Thank you.            

Sultana Ahmad,

Head of Secondary.

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,

It is good to see full staff and students present in 2nd term. We would like to think that the students have come back prepared for plenty of hard work over the next few months and with a desire to do well in their studies.

Some staff members have left us this term (Glen, David and Abid). We wish them all the success in their new jobs. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome new staff Ahmed-Bin-Abdulla (Australia) as Asst.Principal and Lead person to start Pastoral  program.  Waseem well-known excellent Chemistry teacher—India) is also back again with us to take charge of Chemistry.   Mike Gibson (Canada) as Head of English.  I wish them all the best and hope that they will be a valuable addition to our school.

ICT IGCSE Result: We had another good ICT IGCSE result produced by the ICT Dept.  Congratulations to students and I.T staff. Undoubtedly, ICT is one of our best Departments of school.

Graduation Day: This year Graduation Day was also a big success. Well done by Hani Mufeed, Mohd. Showki and others who had arranged it.

Abdulla Ahmed

Head Teacher



Up Coming Events

KG Field trip to Biscuit Factory

Fun Fair at Dream Land

1st Annual ICT Exhibition

KG Parent-Student activity day

3 days Field Trip Socotra Island

Pri Field Trip Biscuit Factory

Pri- Parents teachers meeting






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