Volume 3, Issue 7: Feb 2014

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Right from the desk of the Head Teacher

Dear Students, Staff & Parents, 

We took a great start after the winter break and we are hoping to cover the syllabus for IGCSE / AS. I encourage the students and teachers to conduct extra lessons and I am confident that you will overcome your difficulties. 


Student / Teacher Counseling is successfully taking place. Now we also see counseling during 2nd break on regular basis. Thanks to Waseem on taking the lead on it.

I would also like to congratulate Naushad, Imtiaz and A.Nasir for providing support to YGT’s and keeping an eye on student behavior and other issues at school. Siddiq has joined as YGT of grade 9 - warm welcome to the YGT team.


In coming days, we will see him in action - we expect a lot from you.

Overall it is good team effort by everybody not to forget Abdul Karim and his Admin team.


SCHOLARSHIPS: We have a new Scholarship at school.

I encourage 12 grade students to take advantage of it. See teacher Saeed in 2nd Break. Teacher Saeed is also a Vocational  Guidance Counselor. Every student who went to Teacher Saeed managed to get the admission to U.K, USA and other parts of the world - even the ones who applied late. See Tr. Saeed in 2nd Break – don’t miss your chance for a brighter future.

Abdulla Ahmed

Head Teacher

ICT NEWS: We are improving ICT resources of the school. We have boosted Internet facility - installed more powerful accesspoints—It provides MA/ICT Green StaffRoom Clouds - networked almost 85% of the school. Internet speed varies which is beyond our control but we are always try everything on our end to smoothen things.

Many PC’s have been upgrades. Staff Resident on campus received 3 new accesspoints—plus we have placed a new  ADSL line—Accesspoint called STAFFROOM for staff resident. With that, we hope you will get more stable ADSL connection onwards.

 We are also installing/introducing smart boards in March –2014. 

M.A.O ICT Dept.

Best Department of School.



Up coming Events

Parents Open Day is in March-2014

Scholarship deadline 10th March-2014

Next P.D Session is on 6th March-2014

Breathing Space holiday 21 to 29 March-2014



School calendar 2014-2015 available on school website.





Don't forget to do Tasbih and salat ul nabi 100 times a days, keep all the troubles away.






The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influences.

                                                                                                                        (Amos Alcott)


School is a place where you deal with very young people (students). It is the responsibility of the staff to see that the students are treated with great care and caution to avoid any harm, intended or unintended, to any student. Students are the responsibility of the whole school staff, especially when present in the school boundaries.  The relationship between teacher and students should be one of cooperation, understanding and mutual respect. The teacher has the responsibility to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and to motivate each student to perform within its capacity.


Your professional relationship may be compromised if you:


1- Get too friendly with students e.g keeping your hands on their shoulders or allowing them to keep their hand on yours, accepting chewing gum etc.


2- Invite students to join your personal electronic social networking    site or accept students' invitations to join theirs.


3- Attend parties or socialize with students.


4- Invite a student or students back to your home or attend theirs without an appropriate professional reason and without the consent of their parent.


5- Transport a school student in your vehicle without prior approval from the administrator or parent.


We encourage staff to develop positive and professional working relationship with student to support the educational outcomes and to achieve constructive interactions between students and the school. We discourage friendship and socialization.


Contributed by:


Mohammed Waseem.

(Lead Year Group Tutor)


المعلم الحقيقي يدافع عن تلاميذه ضد التأثيرات الشخصية.


المدرسة هي المكان الذي تعامل فيه مع الطلاب (الشباب). وتقع  المسؤولية على عاتق الموظفين،لذا لتجنب أي ضرر مقصود او غير مقصود يجب  أن يتم التعامل مع الطلاب بقدر كبير من العناية و الحذر.الطلاب هم مسؤولية موظفي المدرسة كلها، وخاصة عندما تكون موجودة في حدود المدرسة.  فالعلاقة بين المعلم والطلاب يجب أن تكون بالتعاون و التفاهم والاحترام المتبادل، فالمعلم يتحمل المسؤولية لتوفير جو ملائم للتعلم والتحفيز في حدود قدراته.


العلاقة المهنية قد تؤثر سلبا بك إذا كنت:


1-المعلم يتحمل المسؤولية لتوفير جو ملائم للتعلم وتحفيز كل طالب في حدود قدراتهز

2- دعوة الطلاب للانضمام لديك  في موقع التواصل الاجتماعي الإلكترونية الشخصية أو قبول دعوات الطلاب للانضمام لهم.

3- الاختلاط مع الطلاب.

4- دعوة الطالب أو الطلاب إلى منزلك أو حضور لهم من دون سبب .

5- نقل طالب مدرسة في سيارتك دون موافقة مسبقة من مسؤول أو أحد الوالدين.


نحن نشجع الموظفين على تطوير علاقة عمل إيجابية ومهنية مع الطالب لدعم مخرجات التعليم وتحقيق التفاعل البناء بين الطلبة والمدرسة. نحن لا نشجع الصداقة والتنشئة الاجتماعية.



محمد وسيم.

(قائد فريق مربيي المراحل)


Published by MAO ICT Dept. on the 30th of each month. Turn in hard copy to the school ICT office (Atten: Ahmed) by noon, no later than 25th day of month, or email your articles to maoict@gmail.com  Please clearly state your name and department.

...as many hands built a house, so many hearts built a school.