Right from the desk of the Head Master:


Dear Students, Parents and Staff,


The coming weeks will be a difficult time for all students in the Secondary School. We have Grades 10 and11 preparing for I.G.C.S.E's and Grades 9 and 12 preparing for The Yemeni Ministry examinations. I expect everyone to study hard and give of their best in their exams. Achievement comes only through personal endeavour.


Over the next few months we will be refurbishing the laboratories. We expect to have the new labs up and running by the start of the new academic year in September 2008.


On a sad note: one of the the wireless A.D.S.L.  points has been vandalised by students. This will take two weeks to be reinstalled. At the moment the IT lessons have to take place without Internet access. We were all very disappointed with this unacceptable behaviour shown by some of our students. The effects of this act are felt by everyone.

I hope that this sort of incident will not reoccur in the future.


We are recruiting new members of staff over the next month. I will be traveling to the U.K. in the mid semester break, in order to undertake interviews. Many highly qualified applicants have applied.


Parents Open Day in Secondary is on Wednesday 5th of March 2008 - I urge all the parents to participate in this important event and make it successful.

By: Abdulla Ahmed  - Head Teacher


Information Technology Department:

 IGCSE IT-0418 Exams: IT exams will take place in October 2008.

The IT-Department is preparing to put up Student's-Grades regularly on the display screen in the  IT department. The grades are based on class performance monitored during the IT lessons. The grades will be displayed and updated on a weekly basis.

IT-Clubs are available on: Sunday & Tuesday at 12:30pm to 1pm.

Important News: All Information Technology students (Year 10 & 11) must prepare first 10 chapters as part of their homework during the holiday (breathing space). 

Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest. Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)
I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.
Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

Cheers - See you next month...

Saeed Ahmad - Head of IT Department.



Secondary Department

It is a busy time for the Secondary Department - we are preparing ourselves for the Parent's Open Day. (Making report cards ready) Could I take this opportunity to inform you - Open Day is on: 5th March from 4pm- 6pm. Report cards will be delivered as usual at the gate by Sowsan and Samah. Teachers will be available for discussion in the secondary building. We all look forward to seeing you there -Samia Sultan. 



Volume: I

Edition : Feb-08

Early Years & Primary Departments


Primary 'Year Three' Children Honoured for their English

Many students  in Year Three reached their highest potential in English during the first semester of the Academic Year 2007/2008.  They were honored this month for their hard work and high performance during one of the Primary early morning parades. They each received a bag of small gifts from their teacher Asma’a. 

With 100% Simon Bruns and Mahmoud Amer

With 98% Hadeel Raefat, Safwan Abdullah, Eman Assem

With 96% Wala’a Naseeb, Naef Fahd, Aseel Shawki, Amr Mosaid

With 94%  Bilal Nagi, Mahmoud Magdi, Abdul Rahman Saber

With 92% Ali Ghassan, Ibrahim Gamal, Moneer Nagib

With 90% Zaina Walid


Some of the honoured children with Teacher Asma'a


A group of happy children from Kindergarten Grade One pose for the class photo!


"Just for Kids"

We had the fantastic privilege of being entertained this month by the Lebanese Theatre Group "Just for Kids".

Each of their productions have a moral to them. It is their desire to instill in children tolerance of others notwithstanding differences in  race, colour or religion.

We hope the moral message was understood. The children loved them!


Edited by Jane Taylor 

(Primary Department)


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That's all for this month. See you next month.

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