Volume 3, Issue 4: Jan, 2013


Right from the desk of the Head Teacher

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,


Volume 5, Book 58, Number 126:

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,

1st Semester exams are at the door step. This is crucial study time.

“You have to Study and Succeed”


This year some of our old staff members Waseem and Yvonne returned to school, so no formal intro is required. We also have a new member Gabriel Craven from the UK and I would like to request all staff to extend their fullest support and help.

Sultana has been replaced by Nisar and I am hoping that it will only get better. This is a more stable year and, it is good to see everyone  doing a wonderful job. Last year was the toughest that I could ever remember during my time in Taiz. Due to protests and political and economic turmoil, many heads of International schools like SBS (Sanaa British School) and SIS (Sanaa Int’l School) left their posts which led to their downfall. Many students had to miss their exams, and many schools went bankrupt and were being forced to close down.

Security was a massive issue too as no parent wanted to send a child to school during riots. But I am proud to say that we stood firm throughout this difficult time. Our teachers including most of our expat staff stayed. Our students were coming for exams even during protests and did really well in their IGCSE and AS Exams. I am also proud of our parents who supported me by sending their children to the school in that difficult time. I would also like to thank our board members for trusting my judgment and standing beside me. 


Abdulla Ahmed





Hope everyone did well in their exams Good luck.





Dates to Remember

Breathing Space Mar-14 to 22

Socotra Fieldtrip - see Maram 10W1

Socotra Fieldtrip -

see Maram 10W1


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Interviewed:Teacher: Thaqib Siddique.  Interviewers: Maram.M.Noman & Hiba Nashwan for Newsletter

Welcome Back Teacher Thaqib !

Q.1) Why did you come back?

Ans. I went to work in Dubai for few months but I missed the cultural aspect of Yemen and the strong tradition.

Q.2) Where have you been working before?

Ans. Dubai and England.

Q.3) which country you would like to visit?

Ans.  Malaysia.

Q.4) Are you married?

Ans. No. I’m not married. :(

Thaqib siddique

Chemistry Teacher

Q.5) how old are you?

Ans. I’m young.

Q.6) Do you prefer teaching secondary or primary?

Ans. I prefer primary.

Q.7) what are your favourite colours?

Ans.  My favourite colours are red, black and white.

Q.8) what is your favourite food?

Ans. Pakistani food.

Q.9) What was your dream before being a teacher?

Ans. I would’ve like to be a writer but I’m not good enough.

Q.10) were you a good student at school?

Ans. At school I was a good student but at university I was not.

Q.11) what was your favourite subject?

Ans. History. I enjoy reading it.

Q.12) who is your hero? why?

Ans. Malcolm X. I feel he made a big different in the American society.

Q.13) Who is your favourite musician?

Ans. Cat Stevens.

Note: The students need to take more active interest in their culture, their tradition, the language and the people of Yemen.

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