Right from the desk of the Head Master:


Dear Students, Parents and Staff,

This month we have great news!  Building work has  been agreed by The Board of Directors.  A brand new Grade 12 block will be built on top of the MAO office block. Plans are being finalised now. Three of the labs will be refurbished over the holiday, the furniture having  already arrived.  Also there are plans for refurbishing all the classrooms in the school, with the first phase to be tiling the floors.

The students are at present hard at their exams. We hope for good results, in fact we hope, God willing- Inshallah, that they will be better than ever!

During these holidays we have set up  a course of 'Capoeira' (Martial art) for  a group of children in Primary.  It will be led by Mr Ahmed Sadd from The Al Saif Club.  This is not a new idea for the school, having holiday classes/courses, but over the last few years this has not been seen as a priority. We intend looking in the future  for other people who can run courses for the kids. If you know anybody with interesting skills then please let us know. We hope that the 'Capoeira' will continue throughout the academic year. Lets hope you have a successful course and Good Luck!!

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone, parents, students and staff a  very happy, healthy and fun holiday. Hope to see everyone looking rested and relaxed  in the new academic year. 

By: Abdulla Ahmed  - Head Teacher




Capoeira  Course


An Action Shot!


Fantastic news for the boys in Primary with nothing to do over the holiday! The school have been lucky enough to meet up with Ahmed Sadd from Al Saif Martial Arts club.

Mr Ahmed Sadd


He has kindly offered to start a course in the school hall of Capoeira. If it is successful it may  go on next academic year. We hope it will be! But what is the Martial Art of  Capoeira?

In order to explain to us  what Capoeira  really is, he came to the school with his little brother and a friend to show us!


Wouldn't we all like to be able to do this!

What an amazing demonstration he gave us. 


The kids were enthralled and totally silent!!


Taiz Orphanage


The children in Grade Two stockpiled over several weeks presents and  gifts, a total mix of things, to give to the children in the Orphanage in Taiz.



They took the gifts and had time to chat with the kids there. It gave the school children an opportunity to see just how lucky and fortunate they all are to have someone who loves and cares for them at home. An emotional few hours for everyone!



The  MAO children gave each child a bag of goodies!






Well, in order to share the Internet load, the I-T Department has installed a second ADSL line which will serve the entire Wireless at the campus. It also includes - MAO Resident faculty.


(Good Speed - Less Disconnects)

Wireless ADSL is working just fine.




Adm-office has a separate ADSL line which is only for Staff-Room-Internet and Principal's Office.




YEAR 10(new comers) & 11


IT IGCSE Exam for Students will be conducted in the month of October 08. Please don't forget to collect your IT-IGCSE summer homework and if for some reason you couldn't collect it on time then you can also download IT Summer homework from school's website:


IT Homework will be available online from 20th June 2008 and if you have any question then you may email it to me at: simpleminds@cooltoad.com

(No excuse there)




"You can screw up anything you want, miss deadlines on projects, or whatever and it likely won't get you fired, but if you don't have backups in a crisis or an audit: you're done."

Volume: I

Edition :June 2008


"All computers wait at the same speed."

Saeed Ahmad

"Adapting old programs to fit new machines usually means adapting new machines to behave like old ones." Alan J. Perlis

"There is nothing that a kick in the balls or a pressure on reset won't solve."  Saeed Ahmad




Saeed Ahmad - Head of IT Dept.KS4

Nada Mustafa - IT KS3

Narmeen Abdul Haq - IT KS1&2





The MAO Drama Clubs Summer Show   


The Full Cast!

The Drama Clubs staged their Summer Show on 24th and 25th May to audiences of primary and secondary students, staff, families and friends

 The Senior Drama Club (run by Teacher Glenice) performed a play written by one of the drama members, Maha Nagib in 9W – a short comedy about a magic hat that granted wishes. 

It was a wonderful effort by the 4 Grade 9 girls who performed in the play, and by Rami Nagib in Grade 7 who also appeared in it.  The Senior Drama Club followed this by a performance of a song called ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’, which again featured Maha and Rami Nagib.  Well done the Senior Drama Club members for all their hard work and confident performances and an especial well done to Maha, who I am sure will continue to delight us with her writing talent.


Acting out "The Circle of Life"

The Junior Drama Club (run by Teacher Yvonne) followed this with a selection of choreographed mime scenes to a range of songs and one comedy mime sketch.  The Juniors comprised 8 boys from Grade 7 and one boy from Grade 8 – with some special appearances by Shams Ahmed, Grade 4.  They had to learn to time their movements to fit in with the music and mime a range of parts.  They also took responsibility for all scene changes on stage, which they did quickly and efficiently. The group worked extremely hard in rehearsals and in the weeks leading up to the show were rehearsing up to 3 times a week after school.  For anyone who is wondering – we have found a good home for the mouse!

The nerd with the mouse!

He wasn't so stupid after all!

 Our thanks go, not only to the students for their great performances, but to their families for allowing them the time out of school hours to rehearse.  One of the performances was videoed for the school and the performers will all receive a copy of this to show to their families.


"The King of The Road!"

Any students who are interested in appearing in the next show will be welcome to join the Drama Clubs when school starts again after the summer holiday.  Students from Years 6, 7 and 8 may join the Junior Club and students from Grades 9-12 may join the Senior Club.  If enough students are willing to rehearse regularly, we will stage a Winter Show in late November.

Teacher Yvonne.


Thanks to all for their contributions:

 Jane Taylor (Primary) Newsletter Editor 


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That's all for this month.   HAVE A GREAT VACATION...

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