Right from the desk of the Head Master:


Dear Students, Parents and Staff,

Firstly I would hope that everyone had a great holiday and all of you had a well earned rest. We  would like to think that the students have come back prepared for plenty of hard work over the next few months and with a desire to do well in their studies.

Many classes are undertaking I.G.C.S.E.s at the present time.  It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm for studying shown by so many. We understand that it is a difficult time for all of you. Keep up the good work.

Secondary students over the next few weeks will all be taking a trip to the Taiz Art Centre.  The centre is both an exhibition area and a workshop for local artists. It holds a collection of artwork in oils, pen and ink and pencil together with several 3D pieces. The quality of the work is outstanding and well worth a visit.

In April we will be holding sessions in the school for Grade 12 focusing on career opportunities.  Representatives from Taiz University and The Science and Technology  Department at Sanaa University will be present and  have willing agreed to lead the sessions. Please ensure your child attends.  

The Primary Department had a successful ‘Parents Afternoon’ during the last week of March. Meeting with your child’s teachers is an opportunity not to be missed, most especially if your child is struggling in a specific subject. You will be given advice and support on how you can help your child improve in that curricular area. Thanks to all those parents who attended.

By: Abdulla Ahmed  - Head Teacher



 IGCSE IT-0418 Exams: IT exams will take place in October 2008.

Good News - Primary IT-Department is equipped with High speed ADSL Internet.

Secondary IT-Department is forming a special group - intensive IT IGCSE preparations. Classes will be Twice a week. If you are interested then register your name before 5th of April 2008.

Could I also remind you again that IT-Clubs are only available on: Sunday & Tuesday between 12:30pm to 1pm.

Important News: All Information Technology students (Year 10 & 11) must prepare first 10 chapters as part of their homework during the holiday (breathing space). 

"Be nice to geeks when you're  in school, you might end-up working for one when you grow-up."  Saeed Ahmad

"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road." Author: Stewart Brand

"Difference between a virus and windows ? Viruses rarely fail."

Cheers - See you next month...

Saeed Ahmad - Head of IT Department.




Primary Parade in Honour of the Palestinian Cause

 Year Two children with the support and encouragement of  Teacher Amal and Teacher Tahani gave a wonderful  morning parade in support of the children and people of Palestine.

Iyad with his Palestinian scarf (Year Two)




The children who participated in the morning parade



 Teacher Gives Awards for PE

 Teachers Ahmed and Bilqis ( Primary PE teachers)  this month  gave out awards to children for all their efforts in the subject.

   Mr.Ahmed talking to the children.

Many children are excelling in this subject and they are very pleased with the children’s progress.

Some of the winners of the PE medals.

Volume: I

Edition : March 2008



Primary English Award: Year 6 White

Grade 6 White were awarded by Teacher Rima their English teacher, for their progress in English over the semester. They have all shown real determination to improve. Well Done!


Teacher Basma gives one of the boys his certificate.



 Exams and assessment

 After working hard during the last few months in assessment tests and exams, the pupils have achieved some excellent results. 65% of Year 10 achieved a grade D or above in the January exam and the dept are hopeful those results will convert to C’s and above in the summer IGCSE English as a Second Language exam.  Other year groups have also worked hard and English National Curriculum levels are rising in Years 7, 8 and 9.  Year 11 IGCSE English as a First Language students achieved grade A’s in the January exam and are working hard to maintain this level in preparation for the summer.


International Writing Competition

Following on from the success of last year’s International writing competition, in which all 7 of our entrants were winners and had their poems published, the department encouraged pupils to enter a second competition in which they had to write a short story in a maximum of 50 words.  The competition is open to all International students aged 11-18 years and entries are typically submitted from a variety of countries in all continents.  17 students from Grades 9, 10 and 12 submitted stories in January and the school has just received news that 14 of our pupils are winners and will have their stories published this year.  2 of the pupils are second time winners!

As our students are showing a developing talent in creative writing – which we are seeing some excellent examples of in the work produced during lessons - the English Department will be running whole year group writing workshops for Grades 9, 10 and 11 this month, which will culminate in students being encouraged to enter a third international competition.  This time round is poetry again and a number of students have already intimated that they feel encouraged by the success of their fellow students and feel more confident about trying out their skills.  Students in all year groups will be encouraged to enter the competition.



The Lower School Drama Club (for students in Grades 7, 8 and 9) has been running weekly for the last month and there are 18 students representing each year group attending.

The students have been enthusiastically working towards a production primarily aimed at younger pupils in the school, though no doubt it will be seen by the whole school. 

He is ten pin bowling- isn't he?

One pupil in Grade 9 has written a short comedic play and she and 4 other girls from Grade 9 are working on dividing the play into 3 scenes which will be shown in the production along with comedy, physical theatre and musical mime sketches – currently being rehearsed with great gusto by some rather enthusiastic boys in Grades 7 and 8!

Last week the girls began rehearsing the first scene of their play whilst the boys learned choreographed stage fighting and had lots of fun practicing their skills.  Some of the boys have also demonstrated a flair for gymnastics and we will be incorporating those skills into a very physical musical sketch.  I fear for the furniture!

The steam train is coming down the track!!

It is lovely to see the students enjoying themselves so much, showing the confidence to contribute their own ideas and developing the maturity to work together responsibly and safely.

News of production dates will be announced when finalized.


Yvonne Lambert

Head of Secondary English





Edited by Jane Taylor 

(Primary Department)


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