Volume 3, Issue 1: May 31, 2010

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Right from the desk of the Head Teacher
Dear Students, Staff & Parents,

As school year is coming to an end I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff who have placed  tremendous efforts which have enabled us to mark another successful year of progress and achievement.

Could I also take this opportunity to say thanks to our staff which is leaving us by the end of school year. I hope that they will find their new jobs both interesting and challenging in another exciting part of the world.

We will have a few new staff members from next year and as we are a welcoming school in a welcoming society, I would like you to welcome the new staff members and provide them with your help, guidance and support.

The new School Calendar of 2010-2011 is already available at our school's website for both students and staff. All the holidays and school days are clearly marked. You can download it from MAO website; www.maoschoolyemen.com/calendar2011.doc

All the best to our students who are taking IGCSE exams this year. Use your time wisely.  10 Red and 10 White should study hard as they will have their IGCSE ICT exam right after summer vacation.

Have a great vacation to everyone.

Abdulla Ahmad


New look - MAO Gym: We bought new machines for the Gym and special lessons are going on for our female students. I am also running an evening class for female students. All parents/students are welcome to join.



P.E Teacher - Samayia


ICT News: We are running a 5 day program for Year 10 White & Red. Please make sure you attend it. This program is vital for you because it will significantly improve the skills which are required in the Practical Paper 2 & 3.





College Advice: We are happy to announce to our students who wish to pursue their

higher studies abroad, that we have started providing assistance on applying to the International Universities including UK, USA and other parts of the world. For details, please see Saeed - Head of I.T.


Special note: Three additional AccessPoints have been installed at the campus which provides the

wireless ADSL to 4th floor Pri-Building, Primary ICT lab and teachers accommodation.


Inside this issue:

Principal's message
School Calendar 2010/11
New look / GYM
ICT News
College Advice
Arabic version


Dates to remember:

Secondary Open Day 5th May 2010

Primary Open Day 4th May 2010

K.G Open Day

3rd May 2010





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